Buttercup - a look at the archive

When thinking of how the format of a Buttercup archive should be, I spent some time trying to solve some common issues I have with other password mana...

nodejsbuttercuppassword December 3, 2015

Making the most of Promises

Promises are a nifty little addition to JavaScript that arrived with the ES6 (ES2015) specification. These gadgets, when used properly, provide a powe...

performancepromisechromepolyfill November 18, 2015

lamd: Simple and fast module handling for a bundled library

Building websites and dashboards can sometimes mean you can relax a little bit when it comes to the number of requests you make, cache headers and tra...

amdkioskedperformance November 9, 2015

XCode: Remove localizations on build

XCode provides a relatively simple method of localising your applications. You can provide translations and alternate assets for text, images, nibs et...

xcodelocalisationcompile November 8, 2015

Password managers and accessible archives

Password managers are not a new concept: Many individuals that make somewhat frequent use of a computer utilise a password manager to store their pass...

passwordownCloud November 8, 2015

How to fix a 1 year max cache age on a script

Today I witnessed one of the worst sights I've seen since I started developing for the web - a JavaScript file with a helluva lot of cache time. 1 ye...

cachequirks October 27, 2015

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