IE8 Javascript: Console

In my previous post, I neglected to mention IE8's inability to work with the console object. It does work, but only if the debug tools are open when l...

ie May 28, 2013

Time to let Internet Explorer go

Working with websites every day really opens ones eyes to the inconsistencies in protocol and feature support with browsers, devices and operating sys...

iemicrosoft May 25, 2013

Mine Control Update - May 18th

The new release of the Mine Control app is well underway, and I'm finding an increasing number of improvements I've been able to make in the general l...

mine controlminecraft May 18, 2013

Ubuntu One and other cloud storage options

Ubuntu One is one of many cloud storage options on the market today. Like Dropbox and other alternatives, it offers free storage upfront, along with m...

ubuntu May 12, 2013

Masking a UIView with a CGRect

While working on the next major update for my app, Mine Control, I found I needed to set up a masked UIView to get the effect I needed. In the main me...

uiview May 11, 2013

New life breathed into Mine Control

So it's been a while since I released my first app, Mine Control: An iOS app designed to provide an easy-to-use interface for administrating Minecraft...

mine controlminecraft May 2, 2013

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