Keeping a Dell R720 quiet

I describe my experience using an R720 in my house where the walls are paper thin.

homelab July 4, 2021

Dropbox OAuth authentication in a Chrome extension

As part of the Buttercup application suite we're building a browser extension (starting with Chrome). Browser extensions can be tricky, as they entail building many different...

chrome December 30, 2016

Ad fill with intelligent notifications

There are hundreds of networks out there competing for the broadest reach and best offering, and most of them use variants of the same technologies to...

adtech May 6, 2016

Farewell PM2, hello upstart

At work, we recently started using our first NodeJS service in production. We also have another couple of Node servers, all of which are being kept on...

ubuntunodejsuptimebugs April 27, 2016

Browser-based unit testing with Webdriver and PhantomJS

I've been testing my projects with PhantomJS for a long time now. Phantom is a headless browser, and it makes interacting with a DOM easy to script. ...

testingchromephantomjs April 17, 2016

Better international communication and Kiosked's NYC office

Kiosked now has offices all over the world, and I just spent the last 2 weeks in our New York branch. Our company is expanding, and we're moving into...

March 8, 2016

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