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Dropbox OAuth authentication in a Chrome extension

As part of the Buttercup application suite we're building a browser extension (starting with Chrome). Browser extensions can be tricky, as they entail building many different...

chrome December 30, 2016

Browser-based unit testing with Webdriver and PhantomJS

I've been testing my projects with PhantomJS for a long time now. Phantom is a headless browser, and it makes interacting with a DOM easy to script. ...

testingchromephantomjs April 17, 2016

Making the most of Promises

Promises are a nifty little addition to JavaScript that arrived with the ES6 (ES2015) specification. These gadgets, when used properly, provide a powe...

performancepromisechromepolyfill November 18, 2015

Chrome finally kills Flash - and now we wait

A colleague of mine was testing some placements recently on the latest version of Chrome, and he saw something which caught us off-guard: Flash pause...

chrome September 15, 2015

Front-end build automation at Kiosked

Kiosked is an influential web advertising technology company that specialises in providing its clients with automated ad placements. We manage to prov...

BDDchromecode coveragegruntjsjasminekioskednodejsnpmTDDtestingvagrantvirtualbox January 19, 2015

Element innerText/textContent for all browsers

We do a lot of content scraping at my day job - parsing large blocks of content on thousands of pages - and most of this is done client-side with Java...

chromeie July 25, 2014

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