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Making the most of Promises

Promises are a nifty little addition to JavaScript that arrived with the ES6 (ES2015) specification. These gadgets, when used properly, provide a powe...

performancepromisechromepolyfill November 18, 2015

lamd: Simple and fast module handling for a bundled library

Building websites and dashboards can sometimes mean you can relax a little bit when it comes to the number of requests you make, cache headers and tra...

amdkioskedperformance November 9, 2015

Node and Express as a web server

Over at Oddshot we've had some time to look at the best ways of providing an awesome experience to our viewers. We've looked at things like performanc...

deploymentexpressjsnodejsperformancesecurity August 22, 2015

Building Sudoku for mobile applications (Aivoterveydeksi!)

Sudoku is a fantastic grid-style puzzle game enjoyed universally on many different mediums, from computers and mobile devices through to newspapers an...

Aivoterveydeksi!gamesmobileperformance May 16, 2015

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