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Building Sudoku for mobile applications (Aivoterveydeksi!)

Sudoku is a fantastic grid-style puzzle game enjoyed universally on many different mediums, from computers and mobile devices through to newspapers an...

Aivoterveydeksi!gamesmobileperformance May 16, 2015

Aivoterveydeksi! iOS app released

After a full year of coding, tweaking and testing, I've released Muistiliitto's brain health application "Aivoterveydeksi!" in the iOS app store. The ...

Aivoterveydeksi!finlandmobilemuistiliittorelease March 11, 2015

iOS screen size & bounds normalisation

When iOS 8 came to be, Apple made some changes in how the OS returned the size and bounds of the screen. The size (width & height) returned by a comma...

mobilequirks January 11, 2015

Host alias style dev testing on your iPhone/iPad

At my work, we have quite an extensive development environment setup with a number of domain aliases in our hosts file. We use a Vagrant plugin to dyn...

mobiletesting November 19, 2014

Interacting with overlay elements on mobile HTML5 video

When we think of video on the Internet, we think more and more of HTML5 video and less of Flash players. This has made supporting video playback on mo...

mobilepostertouchvideoyoutube November 19, 2013

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