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Restoring overridden window and document methods with archetype

Some scripts are built with the intention that they'll be used on some corporate site or personal blog - a relatively controlled environment with litt...

quirksDOMprototyperantpolyfill December 30, 2015

How to fix a 1 year max cache age on a script

Today I witnessed one of the worst sights I've seen since I started developing for the web - a JavaScript file with a helluva lot of cache time. 1 ye...

cachequirks October 27, 2015

Stop polluting my prototypes

I'm looking at you, Prototype.js. I write JavaScript forĀ a living, and my company's product is delivered as a script to our clients. Once asynchronou...

compatibilityprototypequirks May 3, 2015

XDomainRequest and CORS on IE9

I have a JavaScript project that makes a sizeable number of requests to the back-end using XMLHttpRequest, which I recently discovered breaks when usi...

ajaxiequirks February 16, 2015

Communication between JavaScript and iOS using UIWebView

I've been powering through a 14-month iOS project and am nearing the end - much to my relief - but just like most projects, it's rife with feature-cre...

base64quirksuiwebview February 3, 2015

iOS screen size & bounds normalisation

When iOS 8 came to be, Apple made some changes in how the OS returned the size and bounds of the screen. The size (width & height) returned by a comma...

mobilequirks January 11, 2015

Detecting which mouse button was pressed

I recently completed a task that required dragging functionality on a web element. The element had to support dragging on the Y axis, using JavaScript...

quirks February 11, 2014

IE8 Javascript: indexOf and hasOwnProperty

I'll cut to the chase on this one: IE8 has a few problems handling some Javascript features a lot of programmers, like myself, have taken for granted ...

iequirks May 28, 2013

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