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Mine Control 2.2 release

The 2.2 release of Mine Control is pending review - This release brings a few new updates: Fixed support for the new Minecraft command system Server ...

mine controlminecraft September 11, 2014

Minecraft 1.8 and Mine Control

Mojang have released version 1.8 of Minecraft, which adds a vast array of efficiency improvements and features. Unfortunately for users of my iOS app...

mine controlminecraft September 6, 2014

Mine Control version 2 released

The new update for theĀ Mine Control app, 2.0.1, has just been made available today. You can purchase it in theĀ iTunes app store, or download the updat...

mine controlminecraft June 25, 2013

Mine Control Update - June 20th

The app has been re-released in to the app store! Hopefully it's only days away this time... It's a huge change, one which I'm very keen to see the ou...

mine controlminecraft June 20, 2013

Mine Control Update - May 30th

The update for the Mine Control app is coming along nicely, and is not far off completion. I'm expecting it to take just another couple of weeks for s...

mine controlminecraft May 30, 2013

Mine Control Update - May 18th

The new release of the Mine Control app is well underway, and I'm finding an increasing number of improvements I've been able to make in the general l...

mine controlminecraft May 18, 2013

New life breathed into Mine Control

So it's been a while since I released my first app, Mine Control: An iOS app designed to provide an easy-to-use interface for administrating Minecraft...

mine controlminecraft May 2, 2013

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