Mine Control Update - May 30th

Created on May 30, 2013.

The update for the Mine Control app is coming along nicely, and is not far off completion. I'm expecting it to take just another couple of weeks for some minor development and heavy testing to be completed, and then it's off to the App store. I've recognised several instabilities in the previous versions, which I intend to resolve for this next release.

The app will be released as an update, sitting on version 2.0. The entire application has been rewritten and redesigned, so please take a look at the screenshots on the App store before updating. That being said, there are a huge number of improvements, on both the UI and system functionality sides.

The app now supports multiple servers, displayed in a clean-cut interface that's easy and efficient to use. Navigating around is incredibly easy. The actual server-control section is much cleaner: It contains just a player list, command panel and console for all the important tasks. Users can interact with the server just like the previous versions, as well as having improved control over the players in the online-player-list.

The app's price will be increased to $1.99 (US) when released, so grab it now while it's 'half price'!

Edit: Time is drawing near for the release, and I'm implementing final tweaks and modifications. This is the perfect time to shoot me a message via my contact page regarding something you'd like to see in this version. If I don't get time to put it in this one, it'll most likely be in a following update.

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