Mine Control version 2 released

Created on June 25, 2013.

The new update for the Mine Control app, 2.0.1, has just been made available today. You can purchase it in the iTunes app store, or download the update if you already own it. Please keep in mind that by downloading this new version, your previous saved-server details, as well as any other app data (like custom commands, etc) will be lost. The new app uses a different setup and none of the old app carries across.

If you need help with the app, there's a support article as well as my Contact page. You'll need RCON setup correctly to be able to use it, so make sure that your RCON is working before purchasing my app. I've written an article about RCON setup for Minecraft, but ensure that your RCON setup is working before using the app.

The app has been completely updated - rewritten. There's a multiple-server manager home page, and a 3-section server interface: Player list, Command list and Console (terminal). The console allows execution of commands, but does not show the server log (this feature is not supported by Minecraft, it has nothing to do with my app) - therefore you cannot see what players are saying.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. I hope you enjoy using the new update!

Note: The app is still only $0.99 (USD), up until the 30th of June, so get it while it's cheap! The price raises to $1.99 on the 30th. My other app, Servercide, is being reduced to $1.99 (USD) on the 30th - Servercide allows remote management of webservers using only a PHP script on the remote end, so no FTP or SSH setup for web developers!

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