Mine Control Update - June 20th

The app has been re-released in to the app store! Hopefully it's only days away this time... It's a huge change, one which I'm very keen to see the ou...

mine controlminecraft June 20, 2013

Building a Memcache module for your site (Part 2)

Presumably, you've followed the steps here to setup Memcache on your server, or already have it running. This article will walk you through creating a...

memcached June 13, 2013

Building a Memcache module for your site (Part 1)

Adding memcache functionality to your custom site can be very beneficial for processing speed, depending on what you cache. Memcache can help take the...

memcached June 13, 2013

Mine Control Update - May 30th

The update for the Mine Control app is coming along nicely, and is not far off completion. I'm expecting it to take just another couple of weeks for s...

mine controlminecraft May 30, 2013

Twitter bootstrap with Google's code prettify

If you're like me, love bootstrap, and love programming, you may end up with a similar situation to me. This site runs google's code prettifier on top...

bootstrap May 28, 2013

IE8 Javascript: indexOf and hasOwnProperty

I'll cut to the chase on this one: IE8 has a few problems handling some Javascript features a lot of programmers, like myself, have taken for granted ...

iequirks May 28, 2013

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