Windows 8 - A misunderstood operating system

By now we've all become accustomed to the Metro UI that replaced the Windows start menu in Windows 8, and for the most part, people have hated it. To ...

windows July 10, 2013

Add a new item to Ubuntu's Unity launcher

Every time I install a new Ubuntu instance, and that's a lot, I find myself pouring over pages in Google trying to quickly find the best way to add a ...

ubuntu July 8, 2013

A load balanced website using PHP FPM, Nginx, MySQL and Varnish (Part 1)

A recent project I was working on involved designing a web system that was load balanced and reliable. The quote involved using Wordpress as the websi...

nginxvarnishwordpress July 1, 2013

Mine Control version 2 released

The new update for the Mine Control app, 2.0.1, has just been made available today. You can purchase it in the iTunes app store, or download the updat...

mine controlminecraft June 25, 2013

PHP cURL with Sessions

There are often times when you need to pull remote content in your PHP script from another server. There are numerous ways you can do this, but the be...

curl June 24, 2013

Tennyson Powerhouse

Long ago, before the Queensland Tennis Centre was erected, the Tennyson Powerhouse (1 2 3) overlooked the Brisbane river on the southside. The spectac...

urbex June 23, 2013

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