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Buttercup's free and secure future

I didn't always see a need for a password manager. I used 2 basic passwords throughout school and university for most of my authenticated services, an...

nodejsbuttercuppassword February 1, 2016

Buttercup first release: 0.1.0 alpha

Today we released the first version of our cross-platform password manager, Buttercup, as an alpha release. A colleague and myself have been developin...

nodejsbuttercuppassword January 30, 2016

How Buttercup creates an encrypted password archive

I've had a great time writing the Buttercup password manager with Sallar, and we've both learnt alot about how the system behind a credentials vault s...

nodejsbuttercuppassword December 15, 2015

Buttercup - a look at the archive

When thinking of how the format of a Buttercup archive should be, I spent some time trying to solve some common issues I have with other password mana...

nodejsbuttercuppassword December 3, 2015

Password managers and accessible archives

Password managers are not a new concept: Many individuals that make somewhat frequent use of a computer utilise a password manager to store their pass...

passwordownCloud November 8, 2015

Buttercup: A NodeJS password manager

I've been using KeePass as a password manager for some time now. It has a lot of benefits; It's open-source, has free clients, and is widely used. Unf...

nodejsbuttercuppassword October 18, 2015

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