I’ve released a new update for my Mine Control iOS application, which adds server editing functionality as well as fixing a couple of┬áminor bugs. The editing functionality is only available on iOS 7 devices and above, while the new swipe-to-delete button is available for all devices. The old delete functionality (press and hold) has been […]

We do a lot of content scraping at my day job – parsing large blocks of content on thousands of pages – and most of this is done client-side with JavaScript. For this particular use, using the client to do the scraping for us is infinitely more efficient then queuing scrape jobs in the backend. […]

Varnish Cache

In the previous post we setup our WordPress installation on 2 PHP servers for load balancing. We also setup the MySQL database to accept connections only from our 2 PHP webservers. We now need to setup our Varnish server to manage the load-balancing, which will (hopefully) divide traffic equally among our webservers. Before we get […]

Dove flame
Jasmine fake test

JavaScript testing has always been something of a neglected process at work. Nobody really knows how to write them, and nobody cares to learn. There’s also no formal requirement to write them, as well as there being no penalisation if some tests were to fail (not like our PHP tests, which lock the branch if […]

I recently completed a task that required dragging functionality on a web element. The element had to support dragging on the Y axis, using JavaScript mouseup, mousemove and mousedown events to capture the action. The problem with this, and the actual task I completed, was catering for the right mouse button on this component. The […]

logmein header

The remote-control service LogMeIn has stated that all of its free remote control services will become subscription only in just a few days. This means that anyone (like myself) that has free computers in their control panel will lose access unless they start on a subscription agreement. It’s amazing they feel it’s acceptable to go […]