Gone are the days of including your JavaScript in your pages with multiple script elements. No more reordering them in the footer so that the dependencies of each file are met by interpretation order. We have the technology to create larger JavaScript frameworks, organised into separate files and folders, all being minified, compressed and tested […]

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For a while now, I’ve been trying to get OSX running inside a VM on my Debian machine. I myself own a Macbook pro and a Mac Mini, but I still would like access on my Debian desktop to a Mac environment, mainly for browser & Xcode testing. I’ve recently been struggling getting a system […]

Recently I’ve been using GitLab a lot for work, and have found it to be a wonderful platform on which to manage our repositories and branches. I’ve enjoyed using it so much, that I decided that I want to use it at home as well (on a brand new server). The problem there is that […]

The 2.2 release of Mine Control is pending review – This release brings a few new updates: Fixed support for the new Minecraft command system Server editing iOS 8 support (iPhone 6 and 6+) Updated items list (Minecraft 1.8) As of this release, versions of Minecraft earlier than 1.7 are not longer supported. I urge […]

Mojang have released version 1.8 of Minecraft, which adds a vast array of efficiency improvements and features. Unfortunately for users of my iOS app, Mine Control, some commands (like theĀ give command) no longer work as they originally did. This means that certain features of the app may not work correctly or at all on 1.8 […]

We do a lot of content scraping at my day job – parsing large blocks of content on thousands of pages – and most of this is done client-side with JavaScript. For this particular use, using the client to do the scraping for us is infinitely more efficient then queuing scrape jobs in the backend. […]

Varnish Cache

In the previous post we setup our WordPress installation on 2 PHP servers for load balancing. We also setup the MySQL database to accept connections only from our 2 PHP webservers. We now need to setup our Varnish server to manage the load-balancing, which will (hopefully) divide traffic equally among our webservers. Before we get […]