Feature documentation and testing is easy

At Kiosked, in my Front-end development team, we’ve just starting using BBC Sport’s ShouldIT to run tests against our feature documentation. Testing against well-defined features is a fantastic way to prove commitment to specifications, and it’ll keep both management and QA happy in the long-term. Until recently, we didn’t use any proper feature specification. Everybody… Continue reading

Concatenate your JavaScript library using ScanTree and GruntJS

I’m working on a couple of different libraries currently that share some common ground: They both are compiled into a single file, and they both have dependencies within themselves (file to file). I’ve explored the idea of using an AMD design (such as with tinyamd), but this doesn’t suit every case. One of the libraries I’m… Continue reading

OddshotTV: Capture and watch gaming highlights

A couple of months ago I helped implement the base system for an awesome video-game streaming service called Oddshot. Oddshot captures your favourite highlights from streaming services such as Twitch with an easy-to-use Chrome or Firefox plugin. Activating the capture functionality by entering !shot in the chat will provide users with a video highlight of about the last… Continue reading

When is a senior developer senior?

You shouldn’t really be hiring senior developers. When taking on a new employee, that individual needs to learn an enormous amount about your workplace, process and products. You wouldn’t consider them an expert in your company’s doings, so you shouldn’t label them as senior. Although I personally frown upon the senior developer title being thrown around, I… Continue reading

Building Sudoku for mobile applications (Aivoterveydeksi!)

Sudoku is a fantastic grid-style puzzle game enjoyed universally on many different mediums, from computers and mobile devices through to newspapers and magazines. The idea or aim is quite simple, which is responsible for the broad interest in the game, but the mathematics behind it is complicated enough to make for a challenge when implementing… Continue reading