OSX Mavericks on Virtualbox in Linux

Created on October 8, 2014.

For a while now, I've been trying to get OSX running inside a VM on my Debian machine. I myself own a Macbook pro and a Mac Mini, but I still would like access on my Debian desktop to a Mac environment, mainly for browser & Xcode testing. I've recently been struggling getting a system going in Virtualbox on Debian Wheezy, and I've just managed to get everything working.

I followed this article on the MacBreaker site, which explains the process in very good detail. After obtaining an image and following the installation instructions to the letter, I was still left without internet access or any devices in the network settings. I tried reinstalling the entire system several times to try and combat this issue, but to no avail.

If I'd just spent some time and read the comments section, I would have noticed Rote Adler's comment:

I am very glad to announce that I have this issue fixed by changing the network adapter from Intel PRO/1000 T Server (82543GC) to Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (82545EM)

I shut down the machine, changed the network adapter to the Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (82545EM) adapter and booted up. I instantly had working internet. Below is a screenshot of my network settings in Virtualbox:

OSX Mavericks network setup

My recommendation, if you're attempting to install Mavericks in a VM, is to follow the MacBreaker instructions and then update the network adapter like I've mentioned here.

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