Windows 8 Mail is just terrible

I've written before that I really like Windows 8, and I still feel the same way despite the title I've given this article. The Mail application in Windows 8 is pretty - It keeps with the flat design of the OS and presents itself and its content in a simple, easily understood manner. The usability of Mail, however, is a joke.

I've got Windows 8 installed on 3 machines: My home computer, one of my laptops and a virtual machine. On all 3, Mail lags and frequently constantly crashes. I'm running an updated copy of the OS across all machines, and everything else works a treat. From time to time it does actually let me read a message or two, until it decides I've had enough and it drops me back to the metro screen again.

I store and access between 3 and 6 email accounts on each machine, all of which I actively use. The main points of failure center around receiving new mail on first open of the app, and switching accounts to view mail in a different inbox. The latter is the primary source of the constant crashes. This said, I refuse to believe that one of my accounts could be causing this. I mean, I wouldn't be shocked if it were one of my accounts that Mail was having problems with, but the blame surely cannot be placed on my email providers.

Email is a nasty technology, ridden with problems, but for the most part it just works in every major email client. Microsoft crafted Outlook, which I've used in previous years with much success - Why has Windows Mail flopped so tremendously? My email accounts work on my Linux and Mac computers just fine, in Mac mail and Thunderbird on Ubuntu.

Unfortunately I'm relying on my Windows PC less and less lately, as most of my tasks are made more efficient by either being on my Linux or Mac computers. The major problems with Windows Mail are just another nail in the coffin for my Windows usage. I don't game as regularly as I used to, and the ability to keep track of all of my email accounts is becoming increasingly more important. I hope Microsoft continue with their innovations, even though that wish may not be shared with the overall community, but don't forget about the little bugs that shake the foundations loose.