Minecraft 1.8 and Mine Control

Mojang have released version 1.8 of Minecraft, which adds a vast array of efficiency improvements and features.

Unfortunately for users of my iOS app, Mine Control, some commands (like the give command) no longer work as they originally did. This means that certain features of the app may not work correctly or at all on 1.8 servers.

I apologise that I did not get the chance to address this sooner, though I will be making a patch for this very soon. At this stage, however, I may drop support for servers earlier than 1.7 - This would mean a simpler item database and command usage, and so I advise any users that still run pre-1.7 servers to upgrade sooner rather than later.

Due to iOS 8 being forcibly tested now in App reviews, the 2.1.2 release has been canned. 2.2 will be the next stable release, which will only support Minecraft 1.7 and later.