Mine Control

Mine Control is a utility app designed for Minecraft server administrators or enthusiasts of the game. It allows the user to control many aspects of the game: player positions, player banning/op-ing/white-listing, player items, time of day, weather, game mode, saving etc.

The app uses the RCON protocol that Minecraft supports - In doing so, the app is capable of executing most of the commands supported in it's console (list available here). It is worth nothing that the app cannot view the output of the server (logs and chat, etc) due to this information not being made available to RCON clients. This is a limitation of Minecraft (and the RCON protocol) and not the app - That being said, a console is still provided for those wanting a more cut-n-dry control interface.

For any users that require support, please check this support page or contact us via the Contact form.

The new version of the app was released to the app store on the 20th of June 2013, pending approval. The second iteration of the app (version 2) brings a whole new line of features to the handy utility. Here's a few of them:

  • Multi-server manager
  • Better player management
  • Better command menu and customisation, supporting all the latest commands
  • Command console
  • Both vanilla and Bukkit support (more to come!)

The "Give Item(s)" player menu item brings up the item list, where you can select what to give the player.. The "Give Effect" item displays a list of status affects to cast on the selected player. "Teleport / Target" targets the player, This changes their username to a red colour, and the system recognises that if an action is selected that requires a player, they are used. This allows the user to then select another user to teleport the targeted player to, or to perform other tasks with them in the Command menu.

"Op" and "DeOp" do just that - Controlling they operator status of the user. "Kick" and "Ban" should be self explanatory. If you ban a user, you can allow them to reconnect by using the "Pardon Player" command in the Command menu.

These are just a few of the many options included with the app - Mine Control aims at providing all of the basic functionality to the user through an easy-to-use interface.