Having some problems with the app, or just generally curious as to how it works? This page contains a bit of detail that might help to solve some of the most common problems that may occur, or help answer some of your questions.

Users after RCON setup help for Minecraft should check out this support page.

Using the App

Server Manager

Managing servers with Mine Control is easy. When you open the app, you’re presented with the server menu where you can add, remove and view servers. At the bottom of the server list, there’s a button to add new servers:

Mine Control - Add new server

Selecting this will display the New Server modal, which will look something like this:

Mine Control - New server dialog

Enter in the name of the server, then the address (IP or hostname), and then specify the port if you need something different from 25575 (default). The last option to choose is the server type, which is a slider. It slides left and right: The type of server displayed when you save the server will be the Minecraft type the app expects when it tries to connect to that server. Click “Save” to save the server, or cancel to discard your changes and move back to the server manager.

Removing a server

To remove a server from the main page, press and hold the server you wish to remove. After 1 or 2 seconds, let go – A confirmation prompt will appear asking if you really want to delete the server. Select yes at the prompt to remove the server permanently.

You cannot remove the “Add New Server” button.

Player list

The player list is the main page once you’ve selected a server. It shows a list of all the currently connected players on the server. You can refresh the list by pressing the refresh button in the top-right (the list will not refresh automatically).

You can take action on a player by touching their name – This will present an action menu, where you can choose what to do. Most of the items are pretty self-explanatory.

Banning players

If you select the “Ban” action after selecting a player, the selected player will be kicked and banned from the server. The only way to reverse this is to either pardon the player in-app (using the Pardon command in the Command menu), pardon them on the server itself, or remove them from the banlist files.

Kicking players

If you kick a player, they will be booted from the server. There is nothing preventing them from reconnecting.

Items and Effects

Selecting the “Give Item(s)” or “Give Effect” menu items will bring up lists of items and effects that you can give to the player. These lists are stored on the app itself, and will be updated (through an app update) as new entities become available.

Targeting or teleporting a player

When selecting the “Teleport / Target” action, a player is targeted – Their name will turn red, meaning that the next player-specific action will affect them. When a player is targeted, they can than be teleported (by selecting another player, or by selecting the Teleport command in the Command menu). When they’re targeted, they can also be affected by several other commands (Player Game Mode, Tell Player, Give XP, Give Level(s) etc).

You can cancel the target by selecting any player and choosing to “Cancel Teleport / Target”.

Op and de-op

Players can be granted operator privileges, or have them revoked. When a player is selected, choosing the Op of DeOp commands will affect their operator status.

Command menu

The command menu holds a list of commands that can be used to affect the server. They will be periodically updated as new server features become available.

Custom command creation is possible for users wanting finer-grain control over common operations.


The console displays all of the executed server commands and their results.

Users can execute their own custom commands by pressing the Execute button.

Please note that it is not possible to watch the chat occurring on the server. The chat messages sent by users is not made available to the RCON protocol implemented by Minecraft servers.


Users can disconnect from a server by pressing the Leave button in the top-left at any time.


I receive “Connection Failed” on the server menu

A connection failed means that the server was not contactable on the designated RCON port, or timed out while attempting to connect.

In cases like this, you should make sure you’re connected to the internet, and the Minecraft server is started and available.

The RCON connection is completely standard, and won’t be the problem if it appears. There are various tools online to check your RCON connection. RCON setup is discussed later in this article.

It is completely normal to see “Connection failed” when opening the app after you’ve closed it.


Minecraft RCON setup

Minecraft RCON setup is easy, and I’ve written an article on how to do it here.

For RCON to work, you’ll need to make sure you have your network setup correctly, and port forwarding configured correctly if you’re hosting your server publicly. It is not my responsibility to ensure your network is setup correctly, it is solely yours. If you require information on how to port forward, there’s plenty of information out there about it.