Crazy busy in 2016

It's been quite some time since I did any real blogging on my website, but I've finally found the motivation (not so much the time) to write some more. It really feels as if I'm working two jobs - well, I actually am - but with my days spent at work and my nights spent on OSS or freelance work, there's little time left for downtime and especially blogging.

Speaking of blogging, Sallar and I started a joint blog called CafeDev where we cover technical topics. It's been a lot of fun getting it started and I'm sure it'll prove to be a great platform for promoting open-source work in the community. We've found ourselves spending a lot of time working on Buttercup this year, and it's progressed really far, so that's been one of the subjects we've wanted to write about more recently. The name CafeDev comes from our time spent working on Buttercup out of cafes in and around Helsinki, and will be our representative brand name (so to speak) when we discuss our open-source efforts.

Speaking of Buttercup: we released a full refactor of the desktop GUI (it now uses React), restructured the Chrome extension and made many huge improvements in the core. Before the year is out we hope to see the Chrome extension functioning in some small but useful manner, and starting in January/February, the mobile application should start to take shape.

There are also a couple of more secret projects that we're working on that will hopefully be released next year, also to do with Buttercup. If you're interested in following our progress check out Buttercup's twitter account or watch Sallar's and mine.